Contest Rules

Winning KCMH contests are not meant to be the priority of listening.  We offer contests to
heighten interest in spiritual concerns and to share Christian resources and family friendly
entertainment with our listeners.

KCMH Contest Rules

  1.  No donation is necessary to enter any KCMH contest.

  2.  KCMH contests are open to all listeners 18 years and older - or if under 18 - with parental/guardian approval - who live in 
       the continental United States.  

  3.  KCMH primarily has two types of contests:  "register to win" (such as Monthly contests and Special contests)
       and "on-air" contests.

  4.  In "register to win" contests (such as the monthly contests), EVERYONE is eligible to enter once per person, and 
       be a winner, even if that person or a family member has won something in a previous on-air contest.  Limit one
       winner per household in a "register to win" contest per 30 day period.

  5.  Each qualifier must disclose his or her legal name, address, email (if available), and telephone number.  Any person 
       found to have supplied false or misleading information may be disqualified from the contest and therefore forfeit the prize.

  6.  KCMH will not be responsible for lost, stolen, misdirected, or late mail.  

  7.  On-Air Contests:  No liability is assumed by KCMH Radio for faulty, mis-transcribed, misdirected or misdialed   
       telephone communication or technical difficulties experienced by callers throughout the call-in portion of the contest.
       When you call - if you get the answering machine - please leave your name and contact information (please speak
       slowly and clearly) - in case we are on a non-contest related call.

       One winner per household in a 22 day period for on-air call-in contests.

       Due to Internet delays behond our control, what you hear on KCMH online may be delayed at times.  These delays
       may cause you difficulty in participating in on-air contests.  Also, online listening delays may vary depending on your
       internet connection.

  8.  If tickets for a concert, or other ticketed event, has been awarded as a prize and the concert or event is postponed,
       rained out, cancelled or does not occur for any other reason beyond the control of KCMH, KCMH will not be 
       responsible for replacing the prize.  Dates for concerts, weekend events, etc., cannot be changed by the Winner.  If
       the Winner is not able or chooses not to accept the prize "as is", the Winner forfeits his or her prize.  KCMH reserves
       the right to select another winner.  The Winner is responsible for all costs associated with travel to any venue or event 
       for which a prize is awarded, unless otherwise specified.

  9.  Acceptance of a prize constitutes permission to the sponsor, the radio station, and its agencies to use winner's name,
       voice, and likeness for promotional purposes without additional compensation.

10.  Unless otherwise indicated, all prizes must be picked up at the KCMH studio at 126 South Church Street in Mountain
       Home, AR within 30 days of winning.  Due to increased postage rates, KCMH will not mail prizes to winners, unless
       winners send the appropriate amount to cover postage if they choose to have their prize mailed.  Prizes not picked up
       (or no arrangements have been made for mailing) within thirty (30) days after the prize winner has been selected will
       be forfeited and may be offered again in a future KCMH contest.

11.  KCMH is not responsible for prizes that are lost or damaged in the mailing process.

12.  Prizes awarded through KCMH are not redeemable for cash.

13.  Contests are void where prohibited or restricted by law. All Federal, State, Local laws, and regulations shall apply. 

14.  All Prize Winners agree to use any and all prizes at the Prize Winner's risk,  and will release and hold harmless KCMH
       and all sponsors, affiliates, and subsidiaries of KCMH for any and all claims that could result in using any and all prizes.

15.  All participants agree to and are bound by official rules, and KCMH reserves the right to change or establish additional
       rules at any time.

16.  All KCMH contest decisions are final.

17.  Contest rules are available on the KCMH website.
       For a copy of official contest rules, please send a self-addressed stamped envelope to:
       KCMH, 126 South Church Street, Mountain Home, AR 72653.

18.  These rules and specific contest rules are available Monday - Friday during normal business hours at KCMH,
       126 South Church Street, Mountain Home, AR 72653.  Thank you for listening to KCMH!

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