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KCMH is pleased to announce our annual October “Pastor Appreciation” contest! 

There are five (5) categories:  Pastor, Youth Pastor, Children’s Minister, Worship Leader, and Pastor’s Wife.

Let us know how much you appreciate your
Pastor, Youth Pastor, Children’s Minister, Worship Leader, or Pastor’s Wife.

This is a special contest with a twist - because YOU send in the entry,
but if your entry is a winner - it’s the person you nominate that receives the prize!

Please feel free to nominate more than one member of the clergy of your church,
but please be sure to make separate entries for each person you nominate.
(The reason for the separate entries is because we hold a drawing in each of the five categories).

TO ENTER the KCMH October contest:
Simply fill out the contest entry form, and
tell us how much you appreciate the person you nominate and why.

You can make your entries at any time - however,
All Entries Must Be Received in the KCMH office no later than
5:00pm on
Friday, October 17th

Note:  If you prefer, you may enter by sending your entry (or entries)
by email to:
or you can mail your entry (or entries) to:
KCMH, 126 South Church Street, Mountain Home, AR 72653
or you can bring them to the office (address above)


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