Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is KCMH and where can I find KCMH?
KCMH is a non-commercial, non-profit, independent and interdenominational radio station that serves the Northern Arkansas and Southern Missouri area.  KCMH can be heard 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on 91.5 FM (Mountain Home, AR), 90.3 FM (KCAV - Marshall, AR), 92.7 FM (West Plains, MO), and Channel 89 in the Baxter Regional Medical Center in Mountain Home, AR, or you can listen online.

What is Christian Broadcasting Group of Mtn. Home, Inc.?
Christian Broadcasting Group of Mtn. Home, Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) (tax-exempt) non-profit organization.  CBGMH was formed in 1981 with the purpose of starting KCMH FM.  CBGMH is officially guided by a board of directors of Christians form the Ozarks area.  Anyone wishing to be a member of CBGMH may do so for a $10 per person/family yearly membership fee.  Members of CBHMH have a voice and vote at the Annual Meeting held each year in November.

What is the KCMH mission statement?
The purpose of KCMH is to serve the Lord's people, to help strengthen each family in our listening audience, and to lead people into a more intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.

How can I help KCMH?
You can start out by praying for KCMH and by sharing what KCMH is doing with as many people as you can within the community you live in.  You can support KCMH financially and encourage others to support this station in order to keep KCMH on the air and debt free.  You can also arrange for KCMH to speak at your Church or community organization.  KCMH is also looking for committed volunteers and supporters who can lend of their time to support KCMH activities and functions.

Is my financial contribution to KCMH tax-deductible?
Yes.  KCMH is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization and all contributions are recognized as tax-deductible by The United States Internal Revenue Service.

What is the cost to operate KCMH?
It costs $23.00 per hour  (24 hours a day - 7 days per week) or $16,560.00 per month.

How can I become a sponsor of KCMH?
Briefly, there are three levels of sponsorship - $40, $75, and $125 per month.  Sponsors sign an agreement to contribute to KCMH for one year.  Check out the "Become a Sponsor" page for more information and online form;  or you can email or call the office to receive a sponsorship package by mail;  or stop by the office.

What is the difference between a sponsor and a contributor?
Sponsors wish to have their name mentioned on-the-air and contributors wish to be anonymous.

Is KCMH able to broadcast local preachers or church services?
KCMH does not air local church services for a variety of reasons:
           1.  Most local Church services are not orchestrated for use on-the-air.
           2.  KCMH wishes to be a positive force uniting Christians in God's work.
           3.  KCMH wants to remain nonpartisan/our choice is not to associate with any one church group.
           4.  KCMH does not have the staff, equipment, or insurance to support local on-location programming.

However, one day each week on the live Sonbeam Drive Time program, local pastors are invited to pray for the community.  For more information please stop by the KCMH office at 126 South Church Street in Mountain Home during regular office hours (9:00am to 5:00pm - Monday through Friday) or call the office at 870-425-2525.

Will KCMH play requested songs?
KCMH produces two local, in studio programs (all other music originates at Moody Broadcasting Network or other network providers).  Monday through Friday Sonbeam Southern Gospel airs from 9am to 11am and Sonbeam Drive Time airs from 3pm to 5pm. 

If you have a request for Southern Gospel (Sonbeam Southern Gospel) or Contemporary Christian (Sonbeam Drive Time), please let us know.   While we can't promise to play it on the day you call, if we have it available, we will put it on a future program.

Can KCMH do announcements for Churches and non-profit groups?
YES!  Fax, e-mail, mail or complete the Public Service Announcement (PSA) form and drop it by our office at least two weeks prior to the event.  We will gladly do a 30-second PSA for your church or group (as time and space allows), put your event on our Events Calendar, and put it on our Community Calendar on the Sonbeam Drive Time program.  We are no longer able to take information for PSA's by phone.

How can I get on KCMH's mailing list?
Best method:  complete the online form or call KCMH during normal business hours.  If you get the answering machine, simply leave a message with your name, address, and phone number (please speak slowly and spell your name).

What is a Translator?
A translator is a low-power broadcast facility which takes a signal from the primary station (KCMH - Mtn. Home) and re-broadcasts it on another frequency.  For example, the translator receives on 91.5 FM and then sends it back out to the West Plains, MO on 92.7 FM.

KCMH is a Moody Broadcasting Network (MBN) affiliate.  In June 1982, the KCMH Board of Directors voted to affirm the MBN doctrinal statement.  To view the Doctrinal Statement click here.

KCMH (Christian Broadcasting Group of Mountain Home, INC.) is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
We currently do not have 5 or more full time employees, therefore we do not have an EEO file.

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